Volga City Opera House

The Volga City Opera House is officially open for business!

The Volga City Opera House is ideal for any private reception including your wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, reunion, company conference/meeting, and more. The Opera House provides a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and is surrounded by Volga City’s outdoor recreational grounds including a large city park, basketball courts, volleyball courts, river canoe access and camping.

The Volga City Opera House was acquired by VCTC, Inc. in 2010 with a long-term goal of restoring life to this historic building that has been a foundational piece of the local economy since its original opening day in May 1914. Since 2010, the community of Volga City, along with surrounding communities, have worked together to bring the Opera House to its current operational condition. With much of the renovation work completed, the 2018 goal is to raise funds to install heating and cooling so the Opera House can continue bringing visitors from afar year-round.

With the renovation quickly progressing, the Volga City Opera House is once again becoming a primary tourist attraction to Northeast Iowa. The Opera House Iowa performs many roles including: a Volga City community center; concert and theater venue; dance hall; cultural arts center; and private reception hall.

Rent the Volga City Opera House

Reserve a date for your special occasion today by contacting Tom Klingman at thomas.klingman@gmail.com or 319-509-0308.

The calendar below shows dates that are currently booked but please confirm availability before making your plans.


Can you help?

While the Volga City Opera House has been restored, there is still work to be done. Please consider a donation to this project.




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Tom Lott (VCTC Board President)

Tom Klingman (VCTC Board Vice-President)