About VCTC, Inc

VCTC, Inc. Mission Statement

Helping rural communities build a strong and sustainable economy through promoting partnerships and tourism by restoring, preserving, and sharing our rich rural history & culture.

VCTC, Inc. Vision Statement

Rural communities sustainably prospering together.

About VCTC, Inc.

The 1st Annual Volga City Truck Cruise in 2009 brought over 100 trucks to Volga City, Iowa. One year later, VCTC, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Non-Profit Organization with the goal of stimulating economic development and providing economic stability to our rural communities of Northeast Iowa. The 2nd Annual Volga City Truck Cruise attracted over 200 trucks to the Northeast Iowa community, beginning a growth trend that led us to the 10th Annual Volga City Truck Cruise goal of shattering a Guinness World Record for “Most Pickup Trucks in a Parade.”

Profits from VCTC, Inc. events, like the Volga City Truck Cruise, provide revenue to local charitable organizations and their projects that help achieve VCTC Inc.’s goal of economic growth & stability in NE Iowa rural communities. The greatest portion of the event proceeds over the first ten years have been committed to the renovation of the Volga City Opera House.

As VCTC, Inc. continues to grow our presence in Northeast Iowa, an increasing number of local small businesses and non-profit organizations are experiencing the positive impact of our events and projects. It is our goal to continue expanding this local economic growth and to share the news that many Northeast Iowans have already come to realize… there is no better place in the world to live and prosper!

Board of Directors

Thomas Lott – President

Thomas Klingman – Vice President

Josh Everitt

Ellie Whynthein